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Construction of new housing estate, Grantham Lincolnshire, England UK


From Cook Building in Colchester
Serving customer in and around East Anglia

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From Cook Building in Colchester

Take a look at some of the building services we have been providing for the last decade. Please note, this is only a small sample so if you cannot see what you are looking for do get in touch to discuss you and your property's needs. We are always happy to hear from clients both old and new.

Building works: Services
House kitchen extension. Image shot 2007. Exact date unknown


Professional property extensions for your home or business. Additional living space, another bedroom, increasing your shop floor or warehouse space, we can help you with it all and more.

We have over a decade of helping our clients realise their property's potential.
Get in touch with us to talk through your ideas.

house in construction new home wood brick architecture roof build work real estate country


Are you building a new property or premises and are looking for a reputable builder to assist you?
We have been helping clients build their perfect premises and forever homes for over a decade. 
We will work closely with your architect to ensure your property dreams become a reality.

A converted barn cottage in a village england uk


Are you looking to convert a property. From a barn to a new home or farm shop to a large multi storey building becoming a block of flats, we have done it all and more. 
Get in touch with us in Colchester and let us help you convert your building in East Anglia. You will not regret it.

Property Maintenance - Fascia Repairs


At Cook Building we provide a great range of building services to ensure your property can be maintained. We understand that people lead busy lives and whether it is down to skills or time, not everyone has the ability to complete property maintenance.
So, if you need some help in your home to maintain its condition or rectify some issues with its structure, do not worry we can and will help you.


For all your building work needs. Whether you are looking to build a new property, re-roof your existing home or just complete some general property maintenance, we will help you. Get in touch using the details below.

Call: 07778 457684

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Cook Building high visibility vests

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